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October 1, 2012 / diamondsanddetails

It’s the Planners Turn to Pose and Smile!

Part of what I love about being a Wedding Planner is that I get to be one of the people behind all the excitement.  I like being behind the scenes making sure the Bride and Groom are looking fabulous, having fun and that the wedding is going off without a hitch.  I am definitely a very “camera-shy” person and do my best to try to hide from cameras at weddings and very rarely will get in a picture with my Bride and Groom.  (Ironically, for someone who doesn’t like their picture taken, I do have a great picture with a Bride and Groom at 36 weeks pregnant – go figure!)

Bride and Groom Karen and Frank

In the process of creating the new website, my designer Ronni said that I really should have professional head shots done to feature on the website.  I agreed with Ronni (especially since the last professional picture I have of myself was from my own wedding over 3 years ago!) and with the addition of Svetlana to the team, I thought it would be a great way to celebrate all the new changes happening to Diamonds and Details.  Ronni recommended we work with one of her favorite photographers Brittany Ostrov.

After speaking with Brittany through email and telling her my vision for the look and feel I wanted for the photos – fun and laid-back – we decided to go with a nontraditional head shot setting and take the pictures in Valley Forge Park.  As you will see from the photos, Svetlana and I had such a great time working with Brittany.  She really made us feel at ease and comfortable, especially since both of us are used to watching our clients have their picture taken and not being in front of the camera ourselves.

Here are some of our favorite photos!

We were all smiles!

Brittany capturing my silly side!

I have been very lucky with the referral process throughout the entire rebranding process of Diamonds and Details – Ronni referred me to Brittany and Brittany gave me the name of a make-up artist, Tiffany Brower, which you can see, made me look beautiful and flawless in the photos!

Love my make-up by Tiffany!

Thanks to Brittany and Tiffany for all their help and participation on the photo shoot!  You made a camera-shy girl want to have her picture taken!  You will definitely be getting a call from me in the future to work with Diamonds and Details again!



– Amanda

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