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May 13, 2016 / diamondsanddetails

“Working My First Wedding!” -Katie’s First D&D Wedding


Spring has finally arrived, and although it has been pretty rainy here, warmer weather is coming! With that it means wedding season is in full swing for the girls at Diamonds and Details. And this past weekend I was able to join in on my first wedding with them! This was a really neat experience for several reasons. The wedding was a black tie-affair in a gorgeous venue (Cairnwood Estate) so the setting was like straight out of a movie. It was also a Persian wedding, so there were many unique aspects to the ceremony which made it both challenging but also extremely interesting and really cool to experience that culture and their traditions. There were many components of the wedding to organize and manage, but we all worked together and helped put together a beautiful day for the bride and groom. I was able to learn a lot during the day so I thought I’d share some of my takeaways as a little insight into the day in the life of a wedding planner.

  • Patience is definitely a wedding planner virtue – sometimes you have many jobs to do and many people needing your attention. The key is to stay calm, cool, and collected and put on your best face. It can be easy to get flustered having to juggle so many tasks, but our goal is to help and to keep the couple, their family, and guests happy.
  • Multi-tasking is a must – Organizing a large wedding means several things are going on at once and the preparation on the day of, before the ceremony has even started, takes a lot of work. At any given time you may be answering questions from the caterer, setting up a decoration piece, and making sure the bridal party is following their timeline. And that’s all even before the reception has started!
  • Not every wedding will be perfect – things go wrong. This past weekend, as the wedding party was making their way down the aisle for the ceremony the ring bearer (who was carrying the rings!) decided he did not want to be part of the processional and hid in the venue.  This situation would cause anyone to want to panic, but we were able to quickly find the boy and have him make a quick entrance into the ceremony. Everyone was so focused on the bride and groom no one noticed this little mishap and the ceremony was saved! (Big sigh of relief on our end!)
  • You must be a wearer of many hats – this kind of goes along with multi-tasking, but being a wedding planner is more than just meets the eye. They don’t just make sure set up gets done and the event goes smoothly; They make sure the guests are happy, direct them to the coat check, restroom, or help find their seats. They help the bridesmaids fix their hair or dry their dress when they spill water on it before pictures. They make sure the bride and groom have food and a drink in their hand. They hold the brides’ train as she walks through the grass or during cocktail hour so no one steps on it (that was one of my tasks this weekend). Sometimes they may even be asked by the client to guard a card box all night (Yes, one of our requests at this wedding). The ultimate goal is to do whatever it takes to make the day go smoothly and make the bride and groom happy.

As one can probably tell, it may not always be an easy job as a wedding planner or assistant, but I can tell you it is also rewarding. Seeing a happy couple makes all the running around worthwhile, knowing that their special day is even better because you were there to help. I am definitely looking forward to working with Amanda and her team more in the future and learning even more about this crazy, but wonderful wedding planner life.

(Keep checking out our blog for a photo recap of this wedding very soon!)

  • Katie


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