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July 31, 2016 / diamondsanddetails

“Newlywed Bliss” – Our Intern Katie is Married!

Wow, things have been a whirlwind after my wedding (a little over a month ago), but I’m finally getting a post together to share! We had an amazing, relaxing honeymoon in the beautiful island of Antigua and have been settling into married life. We’re still getting used to calling each other husband and wife (I love it!) and the newlywed bliss has been fun! Since I wrote about several details of my planning and experiences before the wedding, I wanted to share some details of the day itself!

katie wedding

Ashley Errington Photography

First of all, I cannot believe how fast the wedding day actually came around! Before I knew it, we were one week to go and I was scrambling around to finish last-minute details. Being that I didn’t have a wedding planner of my own, I was in charge of making sure everything was finalized, from making programs and menus, confirming details with the caterers, sending music lists to the DJ, and finalizing the timeline with the photographer. The two nights before the wedding we were hanging up lights in our wedding tent, re-arranging the dance floor and layout of the tables, creating decorations, labeling my cotton candy favors, and alphabetizing escort cards. The morning of the wedding I was up early putting linens and candles on the tables, making sure all the cups and alcohol were set up by the bar, everything was ready for when the caterers got there and that the decorations were set up how I wanted them. We basically did everything ourselves so it was a lot of work, but it was super exciting and rewarding to see it all come together.

That being said, there was no way I could have done it all by myself. Luckily I had good friends and family who volunteered to help set everything up and make sure it was all in order. On the wedding day, my friends’ husband and mom were more than willing to stay back at the reception site while the rest of us were at the church during the ceremony. They were my make-shift wedding coordinators and helped finalize the details and worked with the vendors to ensure everything was ready once people started to arrive for cocktail hour.

Before the ceremony, I was running around like crazy that morning making sure everything was done, and I will admit, not everything worked out exactly how I wanted it to. But there came a point in the day where I just let all the stress and worry go away and I didn’t care. I just wanted to enjoy the day, and I did! Sure, we had a few minor mishaps – like when there was miscommunication with the caterer and they didn’t bring coffee for after dinner. But my uncle was able to run out quick and get a whole bunch of boxed coffee from Dunkin Donuts, and I don’t think anyone even noticed. Even with some of the imperfections, in my eyes everything worked out amazing, and my husband and I enjoyed every second. We made sure to actually sit down and eat our whole dinner. We mingled as much as we could, and did A LOT of dancing. This was our day and we made sure to enjoy it! So many of our guests told us how much fun they had and it truly was the best day of our lives.

katie wedding 2

Ashley Errington Photography

After experiencing my own wedding, my advice would be to really try not to get too overwhelmed in the planning and stressing about every detail. It’s easy to let it overcome you, but take a step back and enjoy the day to the fullest because it is truly SUCH a special day and it goes by fast! That’s why working with Diamonds and Details is such a wonderful opportunity. You don’t have to run around like crazy the morning of your wedding like I did!  The whole team at Diamonds and Details will make sure you have a worry-free, beautiful, one of a kind day!

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