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December 11, 2017 / diamondsanddetails

The Details on….Aqimero Restaurant

One of the most asked questions I get from clients is, “Do you have any rehearsal dinner suggestions?”  While planning the wedding may seem the most stressful aspect of the process (hiring Diamonds and Details of course can help with this!), finding the perfect rehearsal dinner venue seems to be a constant source of decision-making for most Brides and Grooms.   This edition of “Give Me More Details!” will help make those decisions a little easier with a great option for a Center City rehearsal dinner, post-wedding brunch or even a meeting spot for wedding planning.


Aqimero Lounge and Bar Area (photo courtesy of website)

Located in the beautiful Ritz-Carlton hotel is Aqimero Restaurant.  Alayna Gardner, the new Event Sales Manager, hosted me for lunch and a tour last week and the restaurant did not disappoint.   Upon first walking into the Ritz-Carlton, you are greeted by the restaurant’s open seating lounge and bar area.  (If you can get there before the end of the year, their holiday decorations are a showstopper!)  This semi-private area offers you direct access to the bar as well as full food service.  If you sit in the middle of the lounge area, you can even peek at the chandelier that hangs below in the Ritz Carlton ballroom space!


Main Dining Room (Photo courtesy of the website)

If you prefer a more intimate dinner experience, you can be seated by their hostess in the Main Dining Room which gives you a first-hand look into their kitchen, featuring one of Center City’s only wood fired grills.  A cool feature of using this space for a private event is that you can arrange with Alayna to lower the restaurant’s sheer curtains.  This gives you a private space for your guests but also allows for them to see the gorgeous columns and architecture the venue offers.  (The building used to be home to the Girard Trust Company, the Girard Bank and the Mellon Bank East and was built between 1904 and 1908.)

If you are planning a rehearsal dinner, post-wedding brunch or even a bridal shower, Aqimero also offers a completely private dining space that would be ideal for around 40-50 guests.  While the restaurant may be located in one of Center City’s more high end hotels, Alayna wanted me to know that they have great options at many price points for their private events.  Rehearsal dinners start at around $83/person and even though the restaurant is known for it’s Latin style menu, the chef would love to work with any Bride and Groom to design a dinner menu that suits their style and tastes buds!


Private Dining Space (Photo courtesy of website)

Much thanks to Alayna for inviting me to have lunch with her and see the spaces Aqimero offers for private events.  I will be happily referring the restaurant this as an option to my clients in the future!  If you have yet to hire a Wedding Planner and find yourself stressed about any part of the wedding planning process, especially the rehearsal dinner, do not hesitate to reach out to us!  We can schedule a meeting a Aqimero to talk more details!

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