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June 12, 2018 / diamondsanddetails

The Details on…The Diamonds and Details Team! Meet Katie!

It’s time for another introduction of our Diamonds and Details team!  Katie may have a familiar face to our clients and professional partners.  She interned with Diamonds and Details over the last year and because she was such a valuable member of the team, we decided we couldn’t let her go!  Katie’s current position in the company is serving as one of our Day of Assistants but she is also training to eventually work with her own clients as one of the company’s Wedding Day of Coordinators.  We are excited to connect future clients with Katie and have her add the details to their wedding days!  katie

MEET: Katie Auffant, Assistant Day of Coordinator at Diamonds and Details

Quick fire responses —

  1. 2 truths and 1 lie? “I was in a Sorority in college. My favorite vacation was to Italy. I had mini horses growing up.”
  2. What’s your coffee order? “Iced Mocha Latte or sometimes a French Vanilla Cappuccino”
  3. Fun fact? “I just got certified in Wedding Planning & Consulting from Temple in December! Excited to put it more to use”
  4. What’s 1 thing you can’t live without? “If we are talking materialistic…I’ll go with a really good mascara! Otherwise, family of course”
  1. Where is your favorite place to be? “The beach! The more tropical the better, but any beach will do!”

Katie has had a love for all things wedding for quite some time but when you’re growing up in a small town in PA (ever heard on the PA Grand Canyon? That’s where she’s from!) – being a wedding planner is more of a dream than an attainable reality. The spark was first lit while in college; Katie worked for a caterer/banquet hall and got a lot of exposure to the many weddings they held in-house and catered off-site. Although food service wasn’t her favorite aspect, something about weddings stuck out to her. When she moved to the Philadelphia area recently, she decided it was time to finally pursue this dream and started reaching out about internship opportunities with local wedding planners.  An opportunity with Amanda at Diamond and Details came up at the perfect time and it’s been happily ever after!

Katie’s favorite wedding trends are donut walls and unique escort card displays – these are two great ways to personalize a wedding and ensure that every little detail is accounted for. The age-old question of “what’s your favorite venue” stumped Katie, there are so many gorgeous and unique wedding venues in the Philadelphia area that it’s hard to choose one! She does, however, have a love for tented weddings at private residences! Is this because that was what she did for her wedding? Maybe. BUT – these weddings tend to be extra special because the location is normally tied to a family home with lots of memories and to see such a sentimental place transformed into a beautiful wedding venue is very cool!

Katie is a self-proclaimed romantic at heart, so her favorite part of wedding day is watching the couple recite their vows to each other; she loves to see two people so happy to be getting married to each other! Her one piece of advice to all couples is take a step back, take a deep breath and remember that all of this is to celebrate the love you share! It’s easy to get overwhelmed and wrapped up in the details, instead, take a moment (hire someone else to deal with those details) and remember why you’re doing this! It’s going to be perfect no matter what.

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