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September 20, 2018 / diamondsanddetails

The Details on….The Diamonds and Details Team! Meet Maygan!


Has it really been July since our last “Give Me More Details!” post?  Forgive us!  Wedding season has officially taken over the details!  We promise to share more wedding recaps and photos from this season’s weddings in the very near future but until then we are excited to wrap up our company introductions by presenting the details on…Maygan! 

With over 5 years of experience as a member of the Diamonds and Details team, Maygan has become Amanda’s “can’t live without” girl on wedding day.  Whether it be parallel  parking Amanda’s car in the city or running 3 city blocks in a record 5 minutes to Rite Aid for an emergency kit item, Maygan has no limitations as to what she can or will do!  Clients look to Maygan for a calm face during stressful moments on wedding day or even just for a tissue or to hold their bouquet during photos.  What she may be best known for is our company “kid and puppy wrangler” as Maygan is known for finding very unique was to get a toddler or even a puppy down the aisle!   

MEET: Maygan Henzie, Assistant Day of Coordinator at Diamonds and Details

Quick fire responses —

  1. 2 truths and a lie? “1. I have 2 older brothers. 2. I am addicted to Chick Fila. 3. My family has a beach house in Maryland”
  2. What’s your coffee order? “Depends on the coffee-house – Starbucks = just cream, Dunkin Donuts = cream and sugar”
  3. Fun fact? “I have traveled to over 13 countries!”
  4. What’s 1 thing you can’t live without? “Chick Fila” — I guess we know at least one truth, right?
  1. Where is your favorite place to be? “I guess I can’t say Chick Fila for this one 🙂 I would say Mexico on the beach!”

Maygan working her magic at one of our Wedding Showcases 

Maygan has always loved weddings, whether it be as a guest at one or being behind the scenes – weddings always seemed to be her thing.  While it college, Maygan started interning with Diamond and Details in 2013 and has remained with the team ever since!  Maygan loves watching all the details come together and is most excited when she sees the team’s hard work pay off as the client walks down the aisle!  (Maygan also says that the client down the aisle is the time she breathes a sigh of relief on wedding day!)

Maygan’s favorite wedding trend is: dog attendees!  As a dog lover herself, (Maygan has 3 dogs – 2 Chihuahuas and 1 Pomeranian) she thinks including dogs in the ceremony or as guests of the wedding makes the day truly special.  “If you really want all the people who you love and who love you there…who loves you more than your puppies!” says Maygan.


The age-old question of “what’s your favorite venue” didn’t stump Maygan for a second – “The Horticultural Center in Philadelphia – You can’t go wrong with the perfect garden ceremony followed by a plant-filled reception inside the greenhouse.  And the photos? Perfection – especially if you can catch those cherry blossoms in bloom!”

Like many of the Diamonds and Details staff – Maygan’s favorite part of the wedding day is the first look – “There are so many aspects that go into planning a wedding and it’s great to see a couple forget everything when they see each other for the first time!  This special time between the bride and the groom helps melt away all the nerves of the day to come.”


Maygan escorting one of our Brides to her 1st Look Photo

After 5 years of working with the Diamonds and Details team and seeing her friends and family plan their weddings (some she has personally helped with), her one piece of advice to all couples is “HIRE A WEDDING PLANNER!”  Maygan feels that in order for Brides and Grooms to truly enjoy every aspect of their day they need to let someone else deal with the details and hiccups.  Maygan might be a little bit of an expert on dealing with wedding day hiccups as she personally has watched a groomsman step off the bus at the ceremony location and rip his entire pant leg. She, of course, jumped into action, sewed the pant leg from belt buck to knee and got the groomsmen down the aisle fully clothed!

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